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What is your name?


What is your dream role? Why?

I want to play Roger Debris in the Producers because, as a character actor, I love those roles where you get the best lines, the best songs, and the most memorable moments.  Roger is a brilliantly funny, charismatic nut ball and I anticipate he'd be be a role allowing me to have a blast on AND offstage.  And what's the point of doing all this work if you can't enjoy it and have fun sometimes too, right? On a less traditional note, I'm also waiting for them to do a version of Company with same sex couple(s) so I can play Joanne.  It's unexpected, not the kind of role people see me as so it'd make me stretch as a performer, and I think I'd give a rather memorable "Ladies Who Lunch".

What is the MOST special of all of your special skills?

That's a remarkably subjective question.  The one people ask me to prove in an audition setting the most is that I can whistle and hum at the same time.  But the one that is USED in shows most often is my fearless commitment to pratfalls.  You need someone to throw themselves down two flights of stairs every night for three weeks?  I'm your guy. 

What was your first big performance opportunity? Tell us about it.

Hmmm.  First paid job out of college was a historical outdoor drama in southern Ohio that ran in rep with a production of Twelfth Night.  Very different shows, very fun challenge.  Probably first OPPORTUNITY was sophomore year in high school when I was "murderer #3" in Shakespeare's The Scottish Play, but Banquo injured himself off stage and I was promoted to the role.  Got me noticed and cast in lots of other stuff in school and got me in good with the in crowd.  But 2005 was the year that I moved to austin and got several prominent roles in a variety of theaters, so that got my name spread out pretty quickly in the real world.  If we are talking about PROFESSIONAL opportunities that led to performance success then that whole year might be the best answer, even if it is cheating a tad.

What is your go-to audition outfit? Why?

I usually stick with pants/slacks and a button up shirt, however I almost always tailor the actual pieces (including audition songs) to a specific role.  What will make the production team see me as the character I really want to read for at callbacks?  That helps me choose.  But slacks and a button down of some combo usually makes the cut.

What role are you completely inappropriate for that you perform superbly in your shower and car?

Carmen Bernstein from Curtains.  Also any tenor ingenue.  I have the voice but not the look,so I'll never be the lead unless it's a character lead.

Favorite dance shoe?

Those Bloch jazz shoes with the separation between toe and heel are nice.  I have a few pairs of those I enjoy.  Beyond that I am an actor who moves, not a dancer, so I don't have lots of opinions on dance wear specifics.

Do you have any sort of ritual before an audition?

Besides panic?  Lots of quietly repeating monologue or lyrics in my head, especially if there is a part I misspeak regularly.  Other than that, just arrive early, try to remember to breath, and remember that the production team WANTS me to be good.  If I'm good they can stop looking because they found their guy, so I keep reminding myself they are actually rooting for me to be good, not judging me or ridiculing my attempt to be in their show.

Where did you train in theatre? How has that affected you?

BFA in Acting Performance from Southwest Texas State University (last class before they changed the name to Texas State).  Also spent a summer with The Shakespeare Institute/Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which was a very different style that was exciting to get to work with.  But I'd say most of my training comes from doing.  I work with as many directors, choreographers, Music Directors, etc as I can, and do as many shows as I can.  You can ALWAYS learn something from a show.  Sometimes it's what to do and sometimes it's what NOT to do, but the lesson is always there.

Favorite musical?

My Favorite Year and Curtains, both for the same reason.  Huge number of brilliantly written characters, great music and fun numbers.  Those big shows that require a LOT of really talented people, which means it'll definitely be a great experience.  Fun to do - fun to watch.

Favorite straight play?

Noises Off.  I love that British farce sense of humor and timing.  Any show where the audience leaves with their face hurting because they were smiling so much is a show I want to do.

Favorite book?

Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett.

Do you have any performers that you admire or look up to? Why?

John Lithgow, John Cleese, David Hyde Pierce, Mark Lynn-Baker, etc.  The extremely skilled character actor.  I strive for the same type of career.  Nonstop work that inspires the character actor to sine.

Who is your favorite non-theatre music artist?

I don't listen to music that isn't showtunes or classical.  But I grew up listening to the oldies station, and I always like The Mamas and the Papas and also The Carpenters.

What keeps you sane offstage?

Friends. Video games. It's remarkably similar to why I like acting - I get to be someone else for a few hours.

Worst thing about auditioning?

Having to try to guess what they are looking for. I much prefer callbacks where you get direction and requests. Also, constantly trying to expand my go-to book.

Theatre is: 

Observant. Irreverent. Cathartic. And above all, necessary for the heath of a community and civilization.

Where can people find out more about you online?

They can't. I don't have a theatrical specific online presence.



photo cred.-Michael Phillips
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