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What is your name?


What is your dream role? Why?

My dream role is Cassie from A Chorus Line. I would LOVE to be in this show someday, and Cassie would be an awesome challenge. Two other shows on my bucket list are Cabaret and Chicago.

What's your MOST special skill?

I make a pretty good (and really loud) dolphin and seagull noise.

What was your first big performance opportunity? Tell us about it.

What role are you completely inappropriate for that you perform superbly in your shower and car?

Robert from Bridges of Madison County. This album is my go to for road trips... and how you could not love (and want to be) Steven Pasquale?!

Favorite dance shoe?


Do you have any sort of ritual before an audition?

I like to do breathing exercises to calm any nerves I may have.

Where did you train in theatre? How has that affected you?

I just graduated from James Madison University! I honestly could not have picked a better school for me. The community of artists we have is truly inspiring and I am forever grateful for my professors, friends, and the overall environment and energy my school has.

Favorite musical?

Come From Away. Seeing this show was absolutely incredible.

Favorite straight play?

More recently, I love The Way We Get By by Neil LaBute. But a classic I love is A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Favorite book?

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Do you have any performers that you admire or look up to? Why?

Gene Kelly. I love his style of dance - strong and athletic, yet very graceful.

Who is your favorite non-theatre music artist?

Recently I've been listening to a lot of Lady Lamb and Lianne La Havas.

What keeps you sane offstage?

My family, my boyfriend, and time spent outside or in the kitchen.

Worst thing about auditioning?

The waiting.

Theatre is: 

put simply... important.

Where can our audience find you online?





photo cred.- J.W.
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