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What is your name?


What is your dream role? Why?

I like to say that my dream role hasn't been written yet! I love getting to work on new works - So getting to work on something written for me or with me in mind would be a dream come true.

What's your MOST special skill?

I can do this really weird thing where I kind of roll my tongue backwards? I always want to put it on a resume but there's just no way to not make it sound weird.

What was your first big performance opportunity? Tell us about it.

What role are you completely inappropriate for that you perform superbly in your shower and car?

Coalhouse Walker Jr. always and forever.

Favorite dance shoe?

When I was in high school, Krysta Rodriguez looked a bunch of us in the eye and said to never be caught dead wearing anything other than 3 inch Laducas. And I trust her with every ounce of my being- haha.

Do you have any sort of ritual before an audition?

I take a deep breath and remind myself that I do this because I love to! I literally say "I love to sing" in my head before I walk in the room.

Where did you train in theatre? How has that affected you?

I went to high school at the Orange County High School of the Arts and I'm thankful for my training there everyday. Jeff Paul was the head of the program while I was there and I literally called him Dumbledore because I genuinely believe that he knows the answer to everything. He really emphasized the idea that in theatre you won't always be the star - you are part of an ensemble that's working together to create something. He really instilled a love for the art of performing in me. Then I went to college at Oklahoma City University and I loved getting to take 4 years in the middle of Oklahoma to work on performing and understanding who I was and what I valued. I'm still training in New York now, because I know there's always something new to learn!

Favorite musical?

People always ask me that and I never have a solid answer! I love 110 in the Shade because my dad and I used to listen to it on the way to school in the morning. I grew up loving Wicked because I was a typical musical theatre kid growing up in the early 2000s, and I love any classic musical because I think they're so sweet and genuine!

Favorite straight play?

Again, I think it depends on my mood! I think Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker is so sweet and simple and funny! But I remember seeing The Normal Heart on Broadway and being so influenced by the characters and performances!

Favorite book?

The Secret Life of Bees. I read it when I was way younger but it's stuck with me for a long time

Do you have any performers that you admire or look up to? Why?

Way too many to count. My mom has always been my biggest influence since I grew up watching her perform. Otherwise, I love watching Audra Mcdonald onstage. Any performer who uses their influence for social issues really inspires me as well!

Who is your favorite non-theatre music artist?

It changes daily! I'm on a huge Ben Howard kick right now, but I'll listen to just about anything on the subway

What keeps you sane offstage?

My friends, family, and my roommates! My dad is my best friend in this world - I talk to him everyday about anything and everything. knowing that I have such an amazing support system and off the stage helps me stay through every audition or production. I'm also lucky that I get to come home to amazing roommates in New York. I never laugh harder than I do with them!

Worst thing about auditioning?

Waiting to hear back! And forcing myself to remember that I can't control what happens behind the table.

Theatre is: 

A game changer.

Where can our audience find you online?








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