photo cred.- Lucas Blair

What is your name?


What are your jobs in the entertainment industry?

Music Director and Vocal Coach.

What is the MOST special skill?


What was your first big production/design opportunity? Tell us about it.

My first big opportunity was as an intern at PCPA, working on the American Premiere of a Stephen Schwartz musical.

What show would you gladly work on multiple productions of?

Into the Woods.

What is one of the most difficult challenges you face in the business? 

Finding the balance between family and work.

Favorite show? Why?

Such a loaded question! I just saw Dear Evan Hansen and I'm still thinking about the performances.

Do you have a specific process when it comes to approaching your work?

Definitely! A lot of my process depends on the show. Is it a big cast with large chorus parts? Is it a small cast with very exposed vocal lines? Is it a period piece with specific musical style requirements? These are all things I consider as I begin my prep work.

Where did you train? How has that affected you?

My background is in choral music education, which definitely affects how I approach the music and how I teach music. I received my undergrad from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and my masters from Bowling Green State University.


What's something you would tell younger people in your career path? Why?

Listen. Observe. Learn. Learn from great artists. Surround yourself with positive people who will push you to be your best self.

Favorite book?

I love the Musician's Soul series.

Who made a lasting impact on your artistic path? How did they shape your career?

I learned so much while interning at PCPA. That entire staff influenced me and helped me build a strong network of artists. I also have been very fortunate to work with some extremely talented directors such as Lysa Fox and Valerie Rachelle who I continue to learn from.

If you weren't in theatre, what career would you love to explore?

I would still be teaching, which I extremely enjoyed.

You have a complete day off from work. What do you do?

I spend the morning reading at a coffee shop or working on my manuscript. I will FaceTime friends and family and then I will go on a photo adventure (photography is one of my hobbies).

Worst part of the industry?

As a freelance artist, I spend a lot of time in airports!

Theatre is: 

An open door.

Where can people find out more about you online?

I'm on Facebook! 




photo cred.- Lucas Blair (click photo for link)
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